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No matter who you are or where on this planet you reside, this patent guide can help you file your own patent applications into countries around the world where you wish to obtain protection.  You do not need to log-in and there is no charge for using this guide.

Earliest Application Date
You may file your patent application in the US or in your country of residence first or in any other country first.  It does not matter where you file first, except that, your first application will establish your earliest application date.   This is an important date because any information that is made public by others, and any patent applications by others, after this date cannot be used to defeat your patent application during its examination by the USPTO or any other patent authority.

Your Next Applications
If you file a second, third, fourth,,etc. patent applications anywhere in the world, on the same invention, within 12 months of your earliest application date you can claim your earliest application date as your filing date in those further applications and gain the same immunity to publications that are made public after your earliest application date.  This means that as long as you haven’t publicly disclosed your invention prior to your earliest application date, you are safe to make public disclosures or sell items of your invention at any time thereafter.

If 12 months is not enough time for you to decide where in the world you want to file further, your in luck.  The  World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO),  an agency of the United Nations (UN), provides a unique opportunity.  You are able to reserve filing privileges for utility patent applications in one or more of 151 countries if you are a citizen or resident of a PCT Contracting State, (see the list HERE.  If you file  one International Application in English, French or German.  Then, you have up to 30 months from your earliest filing date to file in any of the 151 countries. 

The Hague system offers a process for filing an international design patent application which is similar to that for a PCT utility patent application, in that U.S. applicants can file with the USPTO as an office of indirect filing in both cases. The USPTO then forwards these applications to the WIPO patent authority for further processing.

These applications establish official filing dates but allow applicants considerable time to consider where in the world their commercial interests may lie.

Foreign applications require professional filing help, so it is advisable for the applicant to seek professional advice. 

To file a Utility patent application or a Design Patent application go to HOME and select the link, Utility or Design in order to prepare your application.  This guide will enable you to prepare a patent application suitable for filing in the US and anywhere else.  This guide will enable a US application filing.  To file elsewhere please search the Internet for the foreign patent office of your choice and follow their directions for filing your prepared application.  If you want  to file in a patent office that does not allow pro-se filing, please email us for further directions.